About Kidz Africa

With a mad love for Africa, Sharon Holgate has created
a life-changing platform for communities and volunteers alike

The Kids

Kidz Africa is an organization that was founded in 1995.  At risk youth and kids from rural villages, townships and disadvantaged communities, are our primary focus, working with ages ranging from 4 years to 25 years of age as well as with some adults. 

The focus is on developing effective young people, by coaching and mentoring around character, discipline and respect, in order to develop effective adults who are Africa’s future leaders.


The Community

Kidz Africa uses sport, adventure and the performing arts as a life skills tool to mentor the future generations, and to bring hope and a future.

A “Coach the Coach”, “Teach the Teacher” mentoring program is run in the communities.

The “Coach the Coach” program, takes youngsters who show leadership potential, some of whom have come through the Kidz Africa program, local teachers and some young adults from the villages and communities. They are mentored and coached, and they then run the programs and events in their communities.

This forms part of the Kidz Africa Skills Development Program that is run in the communities, with the goal of creating jobs.

In the beginning

The Sports Academy was the starting point and the idea incubator for what later became Kidz Africa!

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